Thursday, June 2, 2011

HoliDays doesn't mean HoliDays xD

U know?~~Now De students~~holiday=no holiday ><
Jz like me~~fuLLy scheduled first week@@
buT itS ok ~~ better than nothinG to Do xD
Today I miSseD the SchooL exTra ClasSes~~
For The 1st Time!! Yay!!~~xD
I wonDer TeacHeR gT MisS mE noT~~><
'Dun Dream La!' <--- someone Use tO say dis To me!
hahaha~~nT dream~jz imaGinE xD
Ehh~~i telll u guyS hor~~i misS my ClasS got REasOn de~~
Its becos!raininG ah~~hehe~(I'm GlaD whEn I NoE RainiN!)
wahahaha~~weLL~~~hOw harDworkinG i am xD

Weii~~tiMe paSsed So Fast Rite??~~
First weeK cominG to an End d SooN neh~~
Wah!now i ReaLise SchooL hoMewOrk So Many~~
cAn I FiniSh it?~tat is a '?' ok ?? xD~~~
Have Faith!There will b someOne FiniSh it soOn~
anD borRoW mE~~i heLp To reFer!~~hahaha~~
buT If theRe's NothinG to Do oN holiDay..
would Be kinDa BorinG alSo...I shoulD b Glad xD

NBA NewS here~~
MiaMi HeaT beaT Mavs Today For 1st GamE~~
hehehe~~GG Mavs~~get reAdy to PacK xD~~
Go Go Go LebroN Go Go Go D.Wade!!!

And Hor~~nowadayS watchinG movIe On Pc~~
quiTe reLaxinG maN~~u GuyS watcH hiTman?~~
Go waTch~~niCe leA~~waiT mE watcH someMore~~
theN inTroDuce To u Guys xD~~~
kind Of parT timE jOb Here~~wakaka~~
weLL~~holiDays is Not tat Bad thougH~~
nighT caN chat with 'mumMy' xD~~
She's Great ! xD~~~~hehe~~

SieN~~~2moRo anotheR 4 HourS ClasS~~
Bio sOmeMore~~~gosh~~~><
wiSh me lucK~~dun 'Fish' durinG the claSs xD

Nite Guys ><

Sunday, May 29, 2011

HaLo = )

LonG time no c lo my Blog~~~><

Pls forgv me for abandon you~~
Lifes is not goinG like last time now~
EverythinG i did..~~~
I have to make sure..its worth~~
Time is not enuf ><
If i can hang around the whole small town..
DoinG all the nuts and having fun~~
Now i cant =')Time Flies~~~~

Well~~Its Ok..~~All i Have to do...
Is jz go through my last horrible SPM year ><
Its goinG to END WELL!!!! =)
Its has been almost 1 year~~i stopped blogginG~
Suddenly Have the feelinG cominG bck leh><
Many thinGs Happened durinG these time~
If i am going to tell 1 by 1 to u guyS,
its goinG to be MorninG edi xD
But StiLL i am shaRinG ...
A bit oF my Sads and HappieS=)
I growN up for suRe durinG these Days~~
But i doesn't stop beinG childish~xDD
i stiLL love to watcH SaturDay's Doraemon and Shin CHan xDD
That was a nice prove rite?~I'm childish!! xD

Jz iN a bliNk oF an Eyes^^
Its 2011 edi~~~2012 coming nexT yeaR 0.o
No One noes its the End..Or Not~~
God Noes >< Ask Him beforE U sleEp ~~=)
Through this year~~I found new Frens~~
And Lost sOme FrenS ='(
Well...Its my fault =)
All becauSe oF my ...erm...
Eager oR sOme KinD of That? ><
But itS ok~~~foRget bouT it~~
If it reli wannA go...U canT stop it~
What reli youRs Is jz Yours! rite rite?xD
This kind of lost is...still OK~~
Another a lost forever~~
It happened Too fasT ='(

My church teacher passed away months aGo T.T
I misseD her Much ~~ Reli...
To be honest...she tauGht me maNy thinGs..
About life of a christian~~
I am Gonna rmb her forever =(
Hope You're happy by goD's Side Now^^
Same happeNed To onE of My IndiaN freNs..
WEll..i am noT veRy A closE Fren to him...
but he gave me Lots of Memories Too...
He's my sChooL maTe..~
Passed away in an acCident.. =(
All he was in my heart...was a Sport Champion =)
Rest In peace Bro~~
will rmb u forever ,God BlesS ya =)~

OKOK!stop all The saD CaSe ok?!~~
chanGe sOme StuFF that is amusinG k ?~~xD
well lets talK bouT Sports!!xD
Whats My favourite Guys?!!~
-------> B.A.S.K.E.T.B.A.L.L!! xD

QuitinG it SooN >< ~~ HAve no timE for Tat T.T~~
buT BSBKTBALL Is thE pulSe Of my worlD of SportS xD
I thinK i'M not GoinG to Quit it 100%~~
mayB 80% huh ? xD~~
Aiya~~tat mEans.....~~
I'm jZ goinG To ply it to sweat myself up! ~~ =)
But AnythinG i Am waTchinG NBA no maTter Wat><
AnotheR saD caSe L.A LAKERS already Lost T.T
Ehh~~amaZinGly Dis Year~~I joineD HandBall uh~xD
quite a GooD gaMe ~~but i niD more MuscleS =(
hahaha~~handball schoOl teaM ALMOST win~~but lose...LOL~
SAD CASE AGAIN?==~~forGet It ><
Ahha~~GAMES~~~my DOTA~~
I cant Leave it..seriouSly..
SomeOne teaCh me How tO quit!
I caNt!!!!~~>< SomekinD of peRmanent ViruS?!

Well~~~itS May Holiday Now~~
Form 5 holidayS~ doesn't mean any Holiday==~~
have LotS stuff tO and To praCtice oN~
i'M gonnA makE Sure All suBjects donT KILL ME~=)
If lasT yeaR i saiD any TeacheR 'NO USE' ~~
I'm gonNa 'ALL IN' on him/her dis yeaR ! xD
To aLL my FreNs and FamiLy~~~
AcceLeraTe to youR maXimuM speeD^^
Rick RicK ,Ah Fat,Yuan Yuan , BinG binG !!
Ah maO, Ah JonG, KonG Ah pi (& etc) !!!
Add OiL~~~Jia You~~~><
pray To goD ~ CounT on Him!~~
God wiLL alwaysS with U aLL^^

ThatS aLL Lah ~~ GooD NighT GuyS! ^^

xNEVERMOREx-The DarK KnighT Returns